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June 4, 2017

Morning Routine

From pumping, I’ve learned to become a tad more of a morning person.  It makes life easier to get things done without a toddler as well as I feel like I can give Nora full attention when she does wake up. I started waking up 30 minutes earlier for work to get basic things done around the house.  It changes from day to day, but the concept is still there.  I realize it’s hard, but a few less snoozes has really helped me make sure I come up to a semi-clean house (my parents watch her a few days a week at our house).

A few tips:
– Start slow.  I literally started by just putting dishes away in the morning and built up additional chores.
– Change it up.  Changing my routine every month or so (even if I think it doesn’t need it) makes it feel less routine and can help me make sure I’m keeping up with changes (kids grow fast) and keeping my routine as fast as possible.
-Do dishes at work. I rinse or wash out my lunch box items at work.  I take a travel washing supplies and quickly rinse either after lunch or before I leave.  It helps to prevent rotten lunches with a dry-spell of no containers.

Basic routine:
For the most part, washing my face, makeup and getting dressed are steady items I do every day (even weekends). I have been washing my face in the morning by putting a little Lumion on a cotton round and it’s quick, easy and effective.  In the morning, I generally follow with a spritz of something and then basically a bunch of Erin’s Faces apparently.  Rose Quench Serum (sometimes I start with Clarifying Serum if skin is acting up), Peptide Eye Cream, Silk Cream & then I add Peptide Sunscreen if I won’t have sunscreen in my foundation.  I also do her lash enhancing serum with a lip balm – usually Violets are Blue. My makeup routine is going to be added shortly.

So once the non-negotiable items are out of the way, I generally fold laundry (I do delay washes at night so it’s drying while I get ready) & put away dishes.  Sometimes I pack a lunch in the morning, but I try to get most of the prep at least done at night.  I also try to mop floors in the morning if the floors seem…sticky. Oh, kids.  I have also tried to eat breakfast in the mornings before work.  It makes it so much easier once I get there.

I hope you enjoy – share your tips below!

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