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June 10, 2017

A Day in the Life…

… of my toddler! I thought it would be fun to see how we spend a summer day with our almost two year old. We spend a lot of time outside. It’s kind of crazy. We had a pretty packed day (which I do try to have at least 1 fun day a weekend; especially in the summer) and so I thought it would be a fun one to share.

The day started at the Indy Zoo. We are members so it’s pretty easy to go for a few hours than leave. We actually had a packed morning. We got there just before it opened (which is totally the way to go) and started in the back. We caught the dolphin show and came back to feed the birds. We also caught a dog show (who knew that was a thing at the zoo?). We had our afternoon meltdown about noon or so, which is pretty normal. Nothing a few bananas and blueberries couldn’t fix (yes, it’s all over her face). We came back home for a nap (teething has been terrible at the moment – thank god it comes with long naps).

After nap, kid was still cranky so I hurried to make some sort of lunch. I got this idea from Pick Up Limes. It’s wheat bread, peanut butter, banana and blueberries. Pretty simple. She actually liked it, so mom win for the day. If anyone has good, easy, healthy toddler meals, I’m totally game for ideas.

It was freaking hot outside so the splash pad seemed like a natural thing. She’s getting more and more used to the splash pad. She’s gotten more brave, but still is not a fan of the buckets that spill water. Oh well, I guess if she wants to just play with the baby fountain….whatever. It’s free and easy so whatevs. I will say having a bucket really helped. I found a bin in my car I was storing snacks and it worked out ok. I went to dollar tree after and picked up a bucket for the splash pad. So much more entertaining apparently!

I also wanted to mention play clay. It’s like play doh but way better. It smells great, super soft & completely non-toxic. It originated in my hometown of Lamar, Colorado which is pretty cool. I remember playing with it when I was young. I’ve had alternatives, but this is the best stuff. It can be revived with a little water which is awesome and is not crumbly like other non-toxic play clay/doh. I would highly recommend to those in the market. We are getting some of the smaller sizes for party favors at her birthday this year.

Next was bath time because girl stinks in the summer. In Nora’s words “stinky pooey”. Amen. Amen. We have some bath toys in a dollar tree bin and some fun gears, but keep it pretty simple.

After a fun-filled day, it was time for bed. We usually unwind with some TV (Mickey Mouse, Peppa, etc). Books honestly get her more hyped so we like to keep it low-key at night. She gets in the Peppa zone in the evening for sure!

Side note: we are really trying to limit her time with that pacifier (that stuffed animal you see). Anyone have tips or tricks to help her not ask for it a million times during the day?

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