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June 17, 2017

New @ Erin’s Faces

Erin’s Faces had babies! So exciting! Erin released some cool new things in the spring and now these minis for the summer. I thought I’d do a roundup if you were interested in any items. Also, I did not include the candles. They have sold out for the season, but I would recommend getting on her mailing list for the next round release. They are by far some of the best soy candles I’ve tried, and I’m not alone in that thinking!

Lip Balm & Sunstick
Erin has some amazing lip balms (I love her peppermint) and recently came out with Lemonade. This is great if you don’t like a strong scent. It’s great prior to lipstick/lip balm. I sometimes blot, sometimes don’t. I don’t tend to leave it on at night, but you probably could because it leaves a decent barrier. No nasty chemicals so I’m totally cool with it. Plus it’s freaking $4. I have about 30 lip balms because, yes, you can buy them in packs of 3 for $10. I give them as gifts as well.

The Sunstick had me jumping for joy. It goes on pretty clear, but does have a touch white cast. I love it for my bag and for my baby. It works really well for Nora. I can swipe and blend super easily. Colin actually hated it at first because it went on so clear he didn’t think it was working. I, however, love a non-gooey greasy mess. I love how portable it is. I bought 2, need more to stash in every location. It’s not my favorite for body (which it’s intended for face), but in a pinch will do. Kind of brilliant.

Tulip Blush
So beautiful. I’m kind of addicted. I love red blush. Like, serious heart eyed emojis. At least 3 in a row type of love. I think it works well on practically anyone and gives such a youthful glow. There’s not much to say except buy it. It’s smooth, pigmented, works well with any look… just go buy it. Swatch is blended out because I wanted to show you how non-freaky it really is. Quite gorgeous. Tulip is on the right. Impatiens is on the left (also a great, soft light pink I often wear under Tulip).

Now on to the newest release! Erin had babies! How exciting! Perfect in time for summer, Erin released 2oz sizes of 6 different products: Monoi Tiare Lotion & Body Wash, Lavender Body Wash, Aloe, Milk & Clarifying cleanser. Her full sized products are 8oz and the minis are TSA approved 2oz. Prices range from $7.50-$10 on the minis. They are so cute and perfect for travel, your bag, etc. I’m excited to be able to take the lotion with me to work!

Monoi Tiare Body Lotion
This is one of my favorite new launches from Erin (except the Sunstick and Tulip…). It smells so lovely, it’s lightweight but still effective… oh how I love you Monoi Tiare Lotion! My husband said it’s “the best lotion you’ve ever bought”. He loved that it wasn’t greasy and it was very smooth. At the gym, some lady said “you smell amazing!”. This was the only thing I was wearing with a scent that day. Super nice, simple and pretty amazing. I love that I have a travel size for my work bag! The scent is soft enough to not distract, but if you are in close enough proximity, you can smell it. It’s pretty hydrating and I’ve really been tempted to buy a second.

Monoi Tiare Body Wash
I pretty much only use this in the shower as a body wash. I think I tried in my bath as a bubble bath and I don’t remember being overwhelmed… I think it was just ok. But this is a really rich body wash so it’s great at moisturizing skin. I put on last and it really helps after shaving and on my arms keeping them soft. I love the light floral scent. So good.

Lavender Body Wash
This can be used for babies/kids or adults. I know lots of adults that love this, but I do use this primarily for Nora. I love the smell before bedtime and this really makes her skin feel smooth and soft. It washes clean and is not too powerful. I like that it’s gentle and doesn’t smell like fake lavender. This is vegan, contains vitamin B and E and contains no sulfates. I believe this is ranked a 2 on Think Dirty, so not the cleanest formulation (for you purists out there), but for sure good enough for me!

Soothing Aloe Cleanser
This product is one I’ve been using in the full size for awhile. It’s got aloe (obs) and oat protein so it’s super soothing and non-drying. It doesn’t seem to strip my skin. If you like that squeaky clean feel, this is probably not for you. I like my skin to feel clean and refreshed, which this does. I love this as a morning cleanser (when I use one), after a mask, before a mask, after a scrub…I just like it. It’s a simple cleanser that I think both boys and girls alike will enjoy.

Gentle Milk Cleanser
This milk cleanser also has aloe, but contains milk and other soothing ingredients like chamomile. This doesn’t really wash away makeup, but is a great second cleanser to leave dry skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I’ve been using my mini’s pretty regularly now and I will say with regular use, this is a tad too heavy for my skin (especially break-out prone areas like my chin). I have pretty normal, balanced skin so I don’t need anything over-hydrating. Use a couple of times a week didn’t hurt, but I noticed after a few days of regular use it seemed to clog up my chin a tiny bit. These are great examples of reasons to be glad to have the smaller size as it would take me forever/waste product to buy a full size. I do like using this as a mask before wiping it off (dual use).

Clarifying Charcoal Cleanser
I think this product is going to make me want to get a full size. I’ve just started ramping up my use of it and it seems to be working well. If you have congested/oily skin or normal skin with occasional breakouts, this will be good to add to your routine. I like it most as a second cleanse at night, but if you have truly oily skin, you could probably use this more or regularly in the am. This has charcoal, but also some really great ingredients like cranberry, orange & maple sugar. This doesn’t leave my skin stripped, but similarly to the milk cleanser, it isn’t balancing so I find that I probably won’t use this every day. It would eventually strip my skin I’m sure, but for use on occasion, it’s completely perfection. My skin is slightly congested right now so I might keep track of how much I use it now that it’s hot and my skin is not only sweating more, but also I am wearing an additional layer of sunscreen. This helps make sure it’s all out so it will be interesting how I incorporate this into my routine.

Shop Erin’s Faces! All-in-all, great new products. Excited to travel with them and be able to give some of them a second look beyond a sample. I hope you find something amazing!

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