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June 24, 2017

Closet Cleaning Organization

Ah, springtime/summer. The time where we are completely flooded and overwhelmed with videos everyone showing us their perfect closet and pinterest hacks for creating that picture perfect closet. So I thought I’d share how I got my closet to it’s happy state.

First, and probably my biggest tip, is to not just purge, but live in the space for awhile. I see so many people clear out and then put things back and then we’re back to a few months later re-organizing our spaces. One trick I learned for organizing in general is to actually live in the space for a few weeks or even months before going in and reorganizing. Take a look at what is piling up and make note. What’s hard to get too? What would you use if you needed access to it? Anything I can stuff in a corner until it’s actually needed? I actually did a big clean out months ago, then when I was ready to re-organize, I took out a few more items and made note of what needed to change.

Write a list of the things that are working for you and aren’t working for you. For me, I wanted extra sheets in my closet, extra towels and a place for toiletries. Something that wasn’t working was my leggings organization as well as my pajama drawer. Something that was working was my bag organization and the general placement of clothes. When I went to organize, I kept in mind all these things and re-arranged and put away things in a way that is actually working for me now.

Keep your organizing simple. After Pinterest hack and video after video, I realized I didn’t need anything fancy. I transferred over my closet dividers from Nora’s closet, used $1 bins I already had and just labeled things. It was pretty simple and easy. I folded my clothes in a way where everything was easy to see and grab and nothing fancy beyond that. It’s functional, looks nice and it is super easy to keep organized.

Think about making sure you utilize everything in your closet. I put Colin’s dress shoes in a dust bag, labeled it, put them in a corner. Out of the way, but easy to get to when (rarely needed). I already had huggable hangers (but I’d recommend getting them in similar colors) and I used bins I already had to organize small accessories like wallets and belts.

I did move my makeup back into the vanity. I had moved a lot out, but decided it wasn’t working and this is much better. I know this is nothing groundbreaking or fancy, but I felt like I was overwhelmed with this or that crazy hack and really it wasn’t hard. Breathe, keep it simple and keep in mine most importantly is to make sure it’s functional. Not all closets need to be in a magazine to work for you!

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